Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tackle It Tuesday . . . .an attempt to get organized

Today has been a day full of attempts. . . not many successes but a heck of a lot attempts...and that should count for something right? yeah I know . . .

I attempted do get done little man's laundry and realized our dryer is now taking 3 full cycles to dry things :( suck-a-roo and attempted to make a service call to sears.. after holding for 23 minutes the call was dropped and I gave up . .. . we are on cycle #3 of the 1st load.... at this rate I should be done by next wednesday

I attempted to get together a grocery list, I started going around the house and checking our which I realized that I should attempt to come up with a meal plan .... I feel like it would make grocery shopping that much easier and it's nice to know we have everything planned out... so in my crazy Baby Maker style I came up with a form for meal planning.... I'm an organization freak that way ;o) which then of course lead to a form for grocery shopping ....

and that brings us to 12:35pm .....

I know I normally hate the play by play kind of blogs... but alas... needed to feel some sense of accomplishment in the day..and figured writing it all out would make me feel better....

Laundry started ..... check
meal plan form .......check
grocery shopping form..... check
wasting 30 minutes writing about how productive I have been ....... CHECK :o)

Adios Mis Amigos,

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