Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday Date Day

So the hubs and I are trying to get some sort of a "date night" back into our lives. It's so easy to get completely and utterly wrapped up in the little man, and we have let our own together time suffer a lot. It's a huge adjustment having a new little life, and we have spent the better part of these first 3 months just trying to keep our heads above water. Now that we have achieved some sort of sanity, we have committed to making one day/night all about family. Time for me and my husband to reconnect and spent quality time together, some times little man comes along for the ride ... and sometimes He stays home with his grandmama.... today was a family date day and we had a blast.

We headed down town to the farmer's market. It is an amazingly fun, young, and "hip" place. Unfortunately we got there on the late side and a lot of the stands were sold out or left with the remnants of what no one else wanted, but we still had a blast. We found one stand that I know will be come our regular stop once little man is eating solids. We picked up some amazing organic peach and mango applesauce.

We had an amazingly delicious lunch @ La Gloria. . .. let me just tell you it was absolutely delish!!! It's street fare Mexican food with fresh yummy veggies and an amazing guacamole salsa that I could have literally drank with a straw....

The moral of today's date was to get out in the community and check it out.... so often we are just content staying in our little neck of the woods when there is an awesome city full of awesome sights and sounds that we have yet to explore....

Adios Mis Amigos,


  1. It's good that you guys are getting out or staying in. At least spending some time together.

    After being caught up with the day to day of life, new baby, jobs, etc. It's easy to forgot what brought you two together.

  2. I totally second the idea of date night/day. We have waited waaaay too long for this ourselves, and are finally getting around to setting up. Great that you guys are getting to it early!


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