Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tackle It Tuesday... The Dr will see you now

 If the fact that I'm posting at 12:55 a.m. on WEDNESDAY MORNING is any inclination as to my days lately you should know that it has been B.U.S.Y. here at the Baby Maker's Casa.

We are attempting, key word attempting, to get little man on a better nap schedule this week. Which is including starting him on cereal. I have absolutely LOVED watching him learn how to "eat" (if you even call it eating).  It basically consists of me shovelling the same mouthful of cereal into his mouth while he pushes it around with his tongue for a bit and then spits it back out... repeat about 50 times and that is what we refer to as "breakfast"

On top of the normal day to day crazy cleaning, cooking, cleaning, laundry, cleaning, and mothering general stay at home mom stuff, I'm knee deep in medical terminology. Why oh why did this baby maker think that Medical Transcription would be easy. I'm learning the medical term for everything from your head to your toes.... and let me just say... it makes me feel like I should be riding the special bus. The most challenging thing I have conquered in the past years since graduating high school has been teaching my nanny kids the ropes, coloring in the lines, how to not drown while swimming, the proper way to pump your legs while swinging. Never once did I think about my greek and latin forms and various prefix's and suffix's .... but since we've got bills to pay and formula to buy... I'm gonna keep trucking and hopefully trigger some of these brain cells to start working!!!

But today's focus for my tackle it Tuesday, sorry for the previous ramblings just needed to get it out there,  is my general health and well being.

I have been busy for 9 months (cooking little man) and the 4 months (trying not to kill little man) that my own health has really not been a focus.... it's been well over a year since I have seen the mandatory Dr's and it's time to get back in check..... I have a rediculous ammount of Dr appointments to make.... like the dentist which I hate and have not seen in too long to even mention .... a dermatologist, one can never be too careful with the crazy sun these days, plus we have a family history of skin cancer..... endocrinologist, another one I'm dreading because I'm pretty sure there's deeper issues there .... not to mention a general physical and blood work... it's not easy being a responsible adult these days... and if I want any ground to stand on when getting the hubs to do the same... I've gotta get current with all of my own stuff ..... so that is my focus for this day.... errrr Wednesday actually since today is long gone.... get on top of being the best (healthiest) mama to this amazing little boy !!!

Adios Mis Amigos,


  1. I'm also long overdue on all many appointments. Eek. Maybe I should follow your lead and get on it!

  2. I am doing medical transcription to but I have yet to do the medical terminology. Of course they save that till the end of the course. Right now I am studying the business english part of it which requires me to do essays every week, which I haven't done since high school.

  3. I have enjoyed reading your blog. The little one is adorable. Thank you for letting me visit.

  4. I completely understand what you mean about getting the hubby to do the same. I made mine promise that when he turned 25 he'd go get a physical (he hasn't done that since high school at this point). Well, he turned 25 in December and still hasn't gone. His reasoning? He'll be 25 til December of next year, so he has until then to go. Lol. Silly hubby.

  5. Stopping by from a comment you left on my blog last week - I would LOVE for you to share the post - just give credit is all I ask! Love your blog. New reader here!


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