Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thankful Thursday . . . .ELECTRICITY I LOVE YOU!!!

Last night we had a dooosie of a storm (not really sure if that is how you spell dooosie but spell check was no help). Anyway.. back to the storm from hell....

it came out of nowhere... literally one second the sky is bright and sunny, birds are chirping there is a slight breeze blowing... I literally went into the bedroom and when I came back out it was like a scene out of a movie ... the sky turned black, the birds flew like the dickens out of here and there were hurricane force winds sending leaves, tree branches and various backyard items flying across our patio.

Hubs called and said "think you better gather up the flashlights looks like this is gonna be a good one".

We hung up and literally as if on ques the lights go out !!! hail starts pelting our sliding glass door and I enter into a full fledged panic. I've never been a huge fan of storms.. but never have they caused anxiety like this. I'm almost 100% sure that its because of little man.... and my "mama bear" instinct to protect him.  So here we are .... sitting in the dark, staring at each other... me in my head trying to figure out 1.)where the heck are the flashlights 2.) how the heck was I going to find them in the pitch black darkness

By this time my hyperventilation has kicked in and little man is crying because the thunder is so loud and crazy scary... I'm not gonna lie.. I thought about crying too... all I could imagine was some crazy tornado coming ripping through our house and little man and I getting carried away never to be seen again (OVER EXAGGERATOR I KNOW)

so .... long story even longer... I eventually trip find my way to the flashlights and secure little man and I in the hall way (no windows to be scared by the lightening and the quietest place to get away from the thunder)

hubs arrives home to save us !!! we wait out the storm until it passes and then head out to walmart to purchase a butt load of candles/flashlights to hold us over until the electricity gets reconnected.

all in all ... it was about 5 hours without power.. but as soon as that sucker came back I realized that I was meant to live in this era... never would have survived the pioneer days ... and certainly would have been an outcast in Amish country 

Adios Mi's Amigos,


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  2. Oh yes, me too. never on the pioneer day!
    I am afraid of storms too. So i SO understand!
    Love your blog name and Your picture! You are so funny!
    Happy Blog hop!
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  3. we had a bad storm last night too. Definitely scary! The worst one I've ever been in was Ice Storm in NY ( I forget which year ). No power for two weeks! Storms are scary though. Never been through a tornado but am very afraid of them.

  4. I'm here from the Parade. That photo is amazing!!!

  5. hello from follow fridays I'm now following you.

    I love the intro to yourself on the left side. lol

  6. i'm a new follower! and a fellow "accidental baby maker" ;-)




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