Monday, June 14, 2010

Make's My Monday .... My Long Lost Love

First I will surely post about my "Make's my Monday" since I have in fact fallen back in love with an old flame and am so happy that our love affair is back on . . . . and no, hubs doesn't have a worry in the world because I'm talking about my swiffer sweep vac.... (ohh how my life has changed)

I had the swiffer quite some time ago and got annoyed with the ammount of times I needed to empty it while trying to clean my downstairs. (no we aren't dirty people, we have two dogs that shed like crazy)  I went out and got your basic stick vac because I thought that I could get an easier clean with something with a bigger canister..... nope.. sucker crapped out on me within the first few times using it.... piece of JUNK!!!

I used to sweep at least every other day, but with the pregnancy nesting and my new obsession with clean floors I am a once a day sweeper now . .. and I have to admit the dogs are outside all day... only coming in to sleep at night.... but I am back in love with my long lost friend..... if you have tile, hardwoods.... I highly recommend it... makes sweeping a breeze and love the fresh smell of the swifter pads

If someone knows how I can get in touch with the genius's at Swiffer... please share :o)

I know their commercials are cheesy . . . but I am saying goodbye to my old mop and broom for good

***this post was in no way sponsored by Swiffer or any related companies, I'm just that crazy that I choose to rant and rave about a cleaning product... I just LOVE ME MY SWIFFER SWEEPER VAC!!! 

Adios Mis Amigos,

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  1. Glad to hear the vac works so well! I use the regular old Swiffer, but I've been thinking about investing in the sweeper vac. We have two dogs, and while we love them to death, I feel your pain on the hair on the floor!


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