Wednesday, June 9, 2010


the sunshine award
"for the blogs that add
a little sunshine to your days"

I have been really amazed at the awesome ladies (and gents) that I have met through the blogging world.... most days I use my google reader when little man naps. I love hearing and reading about everyone's craziness.. a little escape from my own reality is nice :o) and since he's only napping about 30 minutes at a time... its the perfect amount of reading

So here it is... the sunshine award. ..... given to people that add a splash of sunshine to your day

There's no requirements and while it would be really nice if you passed on the sunshine.... it's just all about saying thanks to those that help you make it through your day. . . .my picks would be . . . . . . . .drum roll please .....

free to be mommy 
she's one awesome mama who cracks me up 
Funky Mama Bird
her witty style of writing gets me every time
mommy wants vodka
seriously as if the title doesn't say it all
after the honeymoon
girl cracks me up 
reflections of a navy wife
her posts are thoughtful and beautifully written... I think she's a pretty neat chica

so there ya have it... 5 awesome blogs that I think you should check out... thanks for being the sunshine in my day

Adios Mis Amigos,


  1. Thank you! This is by far the prettiest award I have seen yet. Love sunflowers!

  2. Thanks!! YAY! I love this award, so cute! I too really love reading your blog!



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