Friday, June 25, 2010

Day 1: God never makes mistakes

Day 1: We made it 4 months Baby!!! I know I know, geeeeze mom thanks a lot. ... but little mister, it was a rough 4 months. I've got to say that no amount of training could have ever prepared me for being a mom. Sure I knew how to change a diaper and the "basics" . . . but it is different when the baby screaming bloody murder is your baby.... Not only did we have to figure you out. What you liked and didn't like, how you wanted to sleep ... or not sleep... what things comforted you and which things freaked you the heck out... it seemed as if as soon as we would think we had you semi-figured out, you entered into a completely new phase and we started all over again.We also had a big lesson to learn about ourselves. Mainly it wasn't about us anymore. Our lives are now and forever will be all about  you :o) This is something that nothing but having a child will teach you. Putting the health and well being of someone else ahead of your own needs is not natural... but a lesson that was definitely needed!!!

I've got to say that I'm impressed. Not only have I managed to grow an entire human being in my uterus, I got you out (quite the feet), and managed to not screw you up beyond repair through your breakable newborness (the state of being a newborn). Your sleeping through the night !!! Rocking at least 12 hours every night with a week straight of 14 hours :o) your mama's pride and joy (praying your love of sleep continues until it's time for college.) You went from being a big ball of mush (but a cute ball of mush) with your whobbly head and scary lack of ability to control your movements; to being a full and complete littlest version of a man. I call you my little man :o) You have shown that your personality is very relaxed, laid back, and peaceful. You like calm and quiet and are seriously bothered by noise and chaos. I've got to say I love it!! Just my cup of tea!

But now to a serious note . . . you are amazing, in fact amazing doesn't even cover it ... you completely blow my mind each and every day.... you look at me as if I am the best thing in the entire world. . . no one can comfort you like I can, and all I have to do is sweep you up in my arms and no matter the crappiness of my day .... you make it all better.

The thing I want you to know about today is that God never makes mistakes. I know sometimes it's going to seem that way. You will think that you know what you want, what you need, and then BAMMM something completely different happens. Just take a deep breath and realize that it's not you making things happen, it's God allowing them into your life. He is going to teach you something amazing or show you things that you needed to see.

I am sooo thankful that God sent you into my life. That HE knew what I needed and I thank him each and every day for you.

So today my love I pray that you always know that God is in control, and never makes mistakes !!!

Adios Mis Amigos,

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  1. awwww, this is a lovely post in honor of your son :)Being a mother is truly life-changing. There are hard lessons to learn and the day to day mommyhood is not easy because there is a lot of sacrifice involved, but then your precious child you created hugs you, or smiles you or squeezes your hand and your heart just melts. THis child's entire life depends on you and he loves you more than anything in life. You are his hero, you are his everything, his best friend. What an important and special gift, we as mothers have.


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